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Critical Care

Chiropractic Neck Manipulation Harbors Stoke Risk

A joint statement by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association warns against a possible association between cervical arterial dissections and cervical manipulative therapy.  More...
01 Sep 2014

Innovative Wound Dressing Wraps Burn Wounds

A new nanometric biomaterial coating hugs body contours like cling-wrap, preventing bacteria from colonizing wounds.  More...
28 Aug 2014
Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Role-Play Techniques Help Doctors Break Bad News

Structured action methods borrowed from psychodrama and sociodrama can substantially enhance the effectiveness of teaching physicians communication skills.  More...
28 Aug 2014
Image: Fluorescence images of the murine hippocampus after diffusion of Dextran through the FUS opened BBB (Left), compared to contralateral that shows no uptake (Right) (Photo courtesy of Dr. Elisa Konofagou/ Columbia University).

Acoustic Pressure Helps Deliver Drugs to the Brain

A new technique uses a focused ultrasound beam to control the size of molecules penetrating the blood-brain barrier.  More...
27 Aug 2014

Readmission Rates High for Lupus Patients

A new study reveals that a sixth of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus discharged from the hospital was readmitted within a month, with underserved minority populations being the most vulnerable.  More...
27 Aug 2014
Image: The TMJ NextGeneration custom-made ear inserts (Photo courtesy of TMJ Health).

Custom Ear Inserts Treat TMJ Pain and Dysfunction

Innovative inserts take advantage of anatomical functional changes to provide a unique near-field treatment for temporomandibular joint disorders.  More...
26 Aug 2014

New Systems Optimize Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Innovative cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators include quadripolar leads to help physicians optimize treatment delivery.  More...
26 Aug 2014

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