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Critical Care

Image: The L-Dex U400 system for measuring tissue composition and fluid status (Photo courtesy of ImpediMed).

Fluid Monitor Aids Clinical Assessment of Lymphedema

A novel monitoring system utilizes bioimpedance spectroscopy to accurately measure tissue composition and fluid status.  More...
09 Feb 2016

Portable Ultrasound Device Quantifies Bladder Volume

A new portable three-dimensional ultrasound instrument helps reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections by reducing the use of catheters.  More...
08 Feb 2016
Image Zika virus transmission worldwide (Photo courtesy of the CDC – [US] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and DW).

Zika Virus Declared a Global Public Health Emergency

The World Health Organization has declared that the current Zika virus outbreak constitutes a public health emergency of international concern.   More...
08 Feb 2016

Cooled Ablation System Treats Painful Spine Metastases

A new ablation system uses water-cooled radiofrequency probes to reduce patient pain when ablating metastatic spinal tumors.   More...
07 Feb 2016

Neonates’ Pain Should Preferably Be Managed Without Drugs

Health care professionals who work with newborns should aim to limit painful procedures and manage mild pain without medication when possible, according to an updated policy statement issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  More...
07 Feb 2016
LevMed LTD.
Image: The MobiusHD passive implant for blood pressure control (Photo courtesy of Vascular Dynamics).

Minimally Invasive System Helps Modulate Blood Pressure

A novel implant mechanically amplifies signals received by arterial baroreceptors, leveraging the body’s natural tendency to lower resistant hypertension by vasodilation.  More...
03 Feb 2016

Minute Electrical Current Could Replace Buccal Anesthesia

 Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo conducted a study to find out if iontophoresis—a strategy to increase the penetration of drugs through biological membranes—could also be used in the oral mucosa.  More...
01 Feb 2016

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