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Critical Care

Vitamin B Effects on Cognitive Performance Uncertain

A new study suggests that vitamin B12 and folate supplements may not actually reduce the risk of memory and thinking problems.  More...
27 Nov 2014

High Lithium Levels Adversely Affect Renal Function

A new study reveals that Lithium, a mainstay treatment for patients with bipolar disorder, can cause acute kidney damage, even during a short-term exposure.   More...
26 Nov 2014
CardioComm Solutions
Anetic Aid
Image: Solid microneedles coated with Bevacizumab (syringe for scale) (Photo courtesy of the Georgia Institute of Technology).

Tiny Needles Reshape Major Eye Disease Treatment

Novel microneedles allow dramatic dose sparing when compared to subconjunctival and topical administration of drugs directly into the eye.  More...
24 Nov 2014

Beta-Blockers Hold No Mortality Benefit Following a Heart Attack

A new study questions the contemporary management of myocardial infarction patients after hospital discharge with β-blockers.  More...
24 Nov 2014

On-the-Spot Testing Reduces Unnecessary Antibiotics

Fast, on-the-spot, diagnostic biomarker tests for bacterial infections may help to reduce excessive antibiotic use, according to a new review.   More...
20 Nov 2014

Improved Patient Handoffs Reduce Hospital Errors

Improvements in verbal and written communication between health care providers during patient handoffs can reduce injuries due to medical errors by 30%, according to a new study. More...
20 Nov 2014

Cleveland Clinic Unveils Top Medical Innovations for 2015

Cleveland Clinic has announced its 9th annual list of the top 10 medical innovations likely to have major impact on patient care in 2015.   More...
19 Nov 2014

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