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Rigel Medical

Critical Care

Image: Dr. Fuk-hay Tang (left) presenting the CAD system (Photo courtesy of Yvonne Lou/Hong Kong Polytechnic University).

Computer Intelligence Detects Acute Strokes

Computer-aided detection technology combines sophisticated calculations, artificial intelligence, and pathology to help medical professionals accurately diagnose stroke.  More...
28 May 2015

Coagulation Analyzer Aids Management of Warfarin

A hand-held coagulation analyzer enables rapid decision-making in physician offices and clinics monitoring patient oral anticoagulation therapy.  More...
27 May 2015
Image: The Syqe Exo Inhaler device (Photo courtesy of Syqe Medical).

Cannabis Inhaler Could Spread Use of Medical Marijuana

An innovative portable thermal-metered-dose inhaler for Cannabis provides doctors with the ability to supervise the medical marijuana process.  More...
26 May 2015

Recurrent Users of ER at Higher Risk of Death and Admission

A new study finds that frequent users of emergency departments appear to experience higher mortality, hospital admissions, and outpatient visits compared with non-frequent users.  More...
25 May 2015

Ultrasound Device Reduces the Number of Tests Required for Inpatients and Outpatients

The results of a study carried out by the European Association for the Study of the Liver into the use of a Pocket-sized Ultrasound Device together with a physical examination, have been presented at the 2015 International Liver Congress, in Vienna .  More...
21 May 2015
Image: Prototype of the UC3M device (Photo courtesy Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).

Innovative Device Provides for Faster Skin Biopsies

A new tool for performing skin biopsies requires neither local anesthesia nor specialized personnel, resulting in faster diagnosis of pathologies.  More...
20 May 2015

No Standard Treatment for Extreme Premature Babies

A new study reveals that hospital practices vary widely in initiating active treatment in extremely preterm infants.  More...
19 May 2015

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