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Critical Care

Natural Light Makes for More Alert Nurses

Nurses who work in natural light have lower blood pressure and show other signs of improved well-being over nurses who work in artificially lit surroundings with fewer windows, according to a new study.  More...
21 Aug 2014
Image: The acoustic gastrointestinal surveillance (AGIS) device (Photo courtesy of UCLA).

Acoustic Biosensor Assesses Feeding Safety Following Surgery

A novel disposal listening device that attaches to the abdomen could help monitor digestion in postoperative patients.   More...
20 Aug 2014
Cincinnati Sub-Zero
Centurion Service

Regular Aspirin Use Incurs Health Benefits

A new study concludes that average-risk adults who used aspirin regularly for at least five years had a lower risk of cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke, and premature death.   More...
20 Aug 2014
Image: The Pro-IOP eye pressure measurement system implant (Photo courtesy of Implandata Ophthalmic Products).

Microsensor Measures Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma

An implantable microsensor for wireless intraocular pressure measurement allows close monitoring of patients’ disease status and glaucoma therapy success.   More...
19 Aug 2014

Mortality Risk Higher Following Early Stroke

A new study reveals that nearly one in six teens and adults who initially survive a stroke before age 50 die over the next decade.  More...
19 Aug 2014

New Approaches for Transcanial Ultrasound Used for the Treatment of Brain Tumors and Targeted Drug Delivery

A study completed by a Finnish researcher provides new insights into the limitations and potential new directions for the future advancement of transcranial ultrasound therapy.   More...
18 Aug 2014

Pelvic X-Ray May Not Be Required for Children with Blunt Torso Trauma

Pelvic X-rays routinely ordered for children who have suffered blunt force trauma do not effectively detect all instances of pelvic fractures or dislocations and are typically unwarranted for patients for whom abdominal/pelvic CT scanning is otherwise planned.  More...
18 Aug 2014

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