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Critical Care

Beam Technology Enables Less Harmful, More Accurate, and Cost-Effective Radiotherapy

Newly developed technology will enable more effective, less harmful, and drastically less costly radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatment using low-energy X-ray tubes instead of high-energy sources typically used today.   More...
21 Apr 2014

New Approach Could Transform Local Anesthesia

A new study predicts that magnet-directed nanoparticles containing an anesthetic could one day provide a successful alternative to nerve block for local anesthesia.  More...
20 Apr 2014

Sleep Apnea Severity Independently Predicts Glycemic Health

Sleep apnea has been linked with elevated blood sugar levels, suggesting people with the condition could be at an increased risk of cardiovascular illness and mortality.  More...
16 Apr 2014
Image: The Evzio device and trainer (Photo courtesy of kaléo).

“Rescue Pen” Averts Opioid Overdose Risk

A novel autoinjector formulation of naloxone helps reduce the problem of addiction and abuse of prescription opioids.   More...
15 Apr 2014

Nurses Can Help Reduce Sepsis Mortality

An evidence-based nursing protocol can help reduce sepsis mortality rates and increase nurse satisfaction.  More...
14 Apr 2014

Helium Ions May Provide Better-Targeted Treatment in Pediatric Radiotherapy

Scientists have for the first time been able to demonstrate that the use of helium ions in radiotherapy could deliver effective treatment to tumors while sparing healthy organs.   More...
14 Apr 2014

Blood Transfusions Increase Risk of Infections

The more red blood cell transfusions a patient receives, the greater their risk of contracting healthcare associated infections, according to a new study.  More...
13 Apr 2014

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