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Rigel Medical

Critical Care


Wireless Vital Signs Monitor Improves Patient Safety

A new clinical patient monitor automates collection of vital signs, sharing the data automatically with hospital and physician electronic medical record systems.   More...
16 Apr 2015
Image: Ronald Cohen, MD, and Brandon Bond (Photo courtesy of Norbert von der Groeben/ Stanford).

New System Simplifies Emergency Patient Transfers

A new electronic medical record system helps make patient transport to other facilities safer and more efficient in the event of a major crisis, such as an earthquake or power outage.  More...
16 Apr 2015

Dying Patients' Priorities Differ from Those of Their Caregivers'

The value people nearing the end place on various aspects of dying suggest their end-of-life preferences should be elicited directly, as opposed to relying on caregiver input, claims a new study.  More...
15 Apr 2015

Sterile Urine Notion Shown to Be a Myth

A new study has discredited the common belief that normal human urine is sterile.   More...
14 Apr 2015

Breath Test Aids Diagnosis of Delayed Gastric Emptying

A new noninvasive test for delayed gastric emptying, also known as gastroparesis, can be performed in a general clinical setting and does not require radioactive material.  More...
14 Apr 2015

Alcohol Dependence Significantly Increases Hospital Mortality

A new study reveals that alcohol dependent hospital patients die about 7.6 years earlier on average than those without a history of alcohol addiction.   More...
13 Apr 2015
Image: Professor Emeritus Paul Hansma and the OsteoProbe (Photo courtesy of UCSB).

Hand-Held Probe Measures Bone Strength

A new device uses reference point indentation to measure the mechanical properties of bone at the tissue level.  More...
08 Apr 2015

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