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Critical Care

Healthcare Costs Could Be Cut by More Appropriate Use of Cardiac Stress Imaging

In new research, investigators concluded that overuse of cardiac stress testing using advanced imaging technology has led to increasing healthcare costs in the United States and unnecessary radiation exposure to patients.   More...
23 Oct 2014

Radiologists in Europe Launch Call for Action on Radiation Protection Measures

A Europe-wide Call for Action campaign has been launched comprising 12 points, which include encouraging appropriateness in imaging, keeping radiation doses within diagnostic reference levels, using the as low as reasonably achievable principle, emphasizing the need for up-to-date equipment, empowering patients, and joining forces with other stakeholders.  More...
23 Oct 2014
Cincinnati Sub-Zero
Anetic Aid

Evaluation System Leads to Incontinence Relief

An innovative evaluation system for incontinence therapy offers a more discreet and unobtrusive experience for patients during the evaluation period.   More...
23 Oct 2014

Innovative Dressing Reduces Problematic IV Occlusions

An innovative supple protective covering maximizes continuous intravenous flow, even during patient movement.  More...
22 Oct 2014
Image: The LIM Infinite Socket (Photo courtesy of LIM Innovations).

Socket System Shortens Prosthetic Delivery Time

A breakthrough prosthetic device decreases fitting time exponentially, and allows both amputees and clinicians to adjust the socket for a fine-tuned fit.   More...
22 Oct 2014
Image: Total confirmed, probable, and suspected Ebola deaths (10/14/2014) (Photo courtesy of WHO).

Liberian Healthcare Workers Strike, Demand Risk Bonus

Since its first outbreak in Guinea in December, 2013, Ebola has hit West African healthcare providers disproportionately hard, according to the World health Organization.   More...
21 Oct 2014
Image: The Glooko MeterSync Blue Bluetooth device (Photo courtesy of Glooko).

Bluetooth Device Enables Remote Glucose Monitoring

A novel diabetes management platform can sync readings from over 30 blood glucose meters to supported Apple and Android devices.  More...
21 Oct 2014

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