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Critical Care

Image: Scanning electron miocrographs (SEMs) showing bacterial binding on the sensor surface at different bacterial concentrations (Photo courtesy of IITK).

Optical Sensor Could Help Fight Bacterial Infections

A new sensor can detect the potentially deadly E.coli bacteria in just 15-20 minutes, much faster than traditional laboratory tests. More...
21 Sep 2016
Image: The Proxima in-line sensor (Photo courtesy of Sphere Medical).

In-Line Blood Gas Monitor Enhances Flu Readiness

A miniaturized in-line analyzer enables rapid and frequent arterial blood gas results to be delivered directly at the point of care. More...
20 Sep 2016
Armstrong Medical Industries
Image: Professional diabetic foot care (Photo courtesy of TCH).

Fungal Communities Associated with Delayed Wound Healing

A new study reveals that fungal communities found in chronic wounds can form mixed bacterial-fungal biofilms that are associated with poor outcomes and longer healing times. More...
19 Sep 2016
Image: The F&P 950 humidification system (Photo courtesy of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare).

New Humidification System Provides Improved Respiratory Support

A high performance humidification system minimizes condensation and helps provide optimal breathing for patients. More...
15 Sep 2016
Image: Gut microbiome changes dramatically during ICU hospitilzation (Photo courtesy of the University of Colorado School of Medicine).

Microbiome of ICU Patients Transforms within Days of Admission

A new study shows that intensive care unit (ICU) patients have depleted populations of commensal, health-promoting microbes and higher counts pathogenic strains. More...
14 Sep 2016
Fluke Biomedical
Image: The MUSC adult emergency department (Photo courtesy of MUSC).

Insurance Status Contributes Most to ED Frequent Flyer Status

A new study reveals that contrary to popular belief, minorities and the poor do not make up the majority of emergency department (ED) regular visitors. More...
13 Sep 2016
Image: The baby-friendly hospital initiative is designed to encourage breastfeeding (Photo courtesy of UNICEF).

Baby-Friendly Hospitals Could be Dangerous for Infants

The UNICEF and World Health Organization Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) may have unintended consequences for newborns, according to a new study. More...
12 Sep 2016

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