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Critical Care

Area Decontamination Technology Protects Against HAIs

An automated decontamination solution provides a safe, effective, and convenient method for the control of environmental pathogens.   More...
20 Oct 2014

Heart Association Issues Statement on Understanding Radiation Risks Before Cardiac Imaging

People should understand why a heart-imaging test is needed before undergoing the procedure, including the benefits and risks involved, such as the potential long-term risk from radiation exposure, advises a new scientific statement.   More...
17 Oct 2014
Anetic Aid
Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Glucose Monitoring System Cleared for Hospital Critical Care Units

A blood glucose monitoring system has been cleared and its use extended to critically ill patients who have been hospitalized.  More...
17 Oct 2014

Automatic System Purges Bubbles from IV Lines

A new system automatically removes and disposes of air bubbles in intravenous lines during the administration of solutions, blood, and blood products.  More...
17 Oct 2014
Image: Schematic and (inset) quantitative, oxygenation-sensitive colormap acquired by a camera (Photo courtesy of Zongxi Li, Li/ MGH).

“Smart” Bandage Glows When Healing Occurs

A new paint-on, see-through bandage not only protects wounds and severe burns, but also enables direct measurement of tissue oxygenation via a phosphorescent glow.  More...
17 Oct 2014

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training Program Established for Regional Anesthesiologists

Regional anesthesia specialists have developed an innovative ultrasound training program.  More...
16 Oct 2014
Image: The Algisyl-LVR hydrogel implant procedure (Photo courtesy of LoneStar Heart).

Hydrogel Implant Helps Increase Cardiac Output

An implantable hydrogel may revolutionize the treatment of heart failure in people with an enlarged left ventricle who lose the ability to pump blood efficiently.   More...
16 Oct 2014

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