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HospiMedica International is the premier worldwide source for up-to-date clinical news in the various specialties that make up hospital medicine, including Critical Care, Surgical Techniques, Medical Imaging, Patient Care, and Lab Medicine. The publication also includes special sections on New Products, Technical Literature, Industry News, and Congress Calendar.

Circulation Information: Who Qualifies?

HospiMedica International is mailed free-of-charge to qualified professionals worldwide (excluding USA and Canada). Circulation includes hospital directors and administrators, senior medical specialists in the areas of critical care and surgical techniques, procurement specialists and leading dealers/distributors in the field, in over 180 countries around the world. To qualify, readers in the above categories must request the publication in writing - by mail, fax, or email. 



Globetech Media is world leader in controlled-circulation international biomedical communications. Current Globetech publications and websites include: HospiMedica International, HospiMedica en Espanol, HospiMedica China, Medical Imaging International, Lab Medica International, Lab Medica en Espanol, Lab Medica China, Biotech News International, hospimedica.com, labmedica.com, medimaging.net, biotechdaily.com. STNews.com, as well as corresponding websites in various languages.

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27 May 2015 - 29 May 2015
30 May 2015 - 02 Jun 2015

New products on world’s medical product marketplace:
Acute Care Analyzer
(Stratus CS 200)
Acute Care Analyzer
Diabetes Control
(Acusera HbA1c)
Diabetes Control
Remote Head Video Camera Camera
 Remote Head Video Camera  Camera
BP Monitoring System
(BR-102 plus)
BP Monitoring System
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