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Patient Care

Smart Sensor Informs Caregivers to Change Diapers

Researchers have developed a sensor technology that alerts caregivers by SMS when diapers are soiled, thus reducing the time patients wait for diapers to be changed, which helps reduce health risks and discomfort for incapacitated patients.  More...
27 Aug 2015

Robust Wheelchair Scale Weighs Bariatric-Size Patients

A new portable digital wheelchair scale features a low-profile platform with two-way, easy-access integral ramps for efficient wheelchair loading.  More...
27 May 2015
Image: The Citadel Patient Care System (Photo courtesy of ArjoHuntleigh).

Integrated Hospital Bed System Supports Heavy Patients

A new integrated bed and therapeutic mattress system provides flexible care for high dependency patients.  More...
21 May 2015
Image: Pressure-monitoring stockings with integrated elastomer sensors (Photo courtesy of Fraunhofer ISC).

Pressure-Monitoring Stockings Prevent Diabetic Foot

Novel pressure stockings could help protect against diabetic foot ulcers via an integrated sensor system that sends a warning when pressure is too high.  More...
21 May 2015

New Surface Selection Algorithm Helps Prevent Pressure Ulcers

A new study presents a consensus algorithm that takes the guesswork out of choosing a bed surface to help treat and prevent pressure ulcers.  More...
22 Apr 2015
Image: The Leaf patient sensor (Photo courtesy of Leaf Healthcare).

Patient Wearable Technology Reduces Pressure Ulcers

An electronic device monitors a patient's position and movements, alerting clinical staff so that they can prevent hospital acquired pressure ulcers.  More...
09 Apr 2015
Image: The PUMA project wheelchair (Photo courtesy of Asociación RUVID).

Smart Textiles Prevent Pressure Sores in Wheelchair Users

An innovative portable, noninvasive system helps prevent pressure ulcer development, and reverts it’s onset in tetraplegic spinal cord injured individuals relying on wheelchairs.  More...
01 Apr 2015

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