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Patient Care

Image: The iHelp mobile medical alarm mPERS (Photo courtesy of Medical Alarm Concepts).

Mobile Medical Alarm Tracks Users Location

A next generation pendant alert device uses global positioning system technology so that users can be located while on the go.  More...
19 Feb 2015

Samsung to Invest in Hospital Patient Monitoring Firm

As part of a strategic technology development plan in the Internet of Things, Samsung will invest USD 10 million in patient monitoring firm EarlySense.   More...
05 Feb 2015

Dehydration Common Among Care Home Patients

Patients admitted to hospital from care homes are commonly dehydrated on admission and face significantly greater risks of in-hospital mortality, according to a new study.   More...
29 Jan 2015

New Parkland Memorial Hospital Nears Completion

At nearly twice the size of the current hospital, the new Parkland Memorial Hospital will be one of the first “digital hospitals” in the United States.   More...
21 Jan 2015

Pheromone Trap Won’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

A new study has uncovered the bedbug aggregation pheromone, laying the foundation for traps that could lure them to their death.    More...
08 Jan 2015

Patient Mattress Minimizes Contact Pressure Damage

A novel patient support system simulates the effects of a body floating in a fluid, redistributing pressure and weight to prevent damage to skin and other tissues.   More...
27 Oct 2014
Image: The Movi patient chair (Photo courtesy of  Movi Medical).

Modern Design Helps Reinvent the Wheelchair

A new concept in patient chairs intended for hospitals, nursing facilities, or home-bound seniors could replace the old-fashioned wheelchair.  More...
07 Oct 2014

The Patient Care channel of HospiMedica deals with hospital equipment and fixtures, patient ID, patient comfort, emergency equipment, and similar items.
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