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Rigel Medical

Patient Care

New Surface Selection Algorithm Helps Prevent Pressure Ulcers

A new study presents a consensus algorithm that takes the guesswork out of choosing a bed surface to help treat and prevent pressure ulcers.  More...
22 Apr 2015
Image: The Leaf patient sensor (Photo courtesy of Leaf Healthcare).

Patient Wearable Technology Reduces Pressure Ulcers

An electronic device monitors a patient's position and movements, alerting clinical staff so that they can prevent hospital acquired pressure ulcers.  More...
09 Apr 2015
Image: The PUMA project wheelchair (Photo courtesy of Asociación RUVID).

Smart Textiles Prevent Pressure Sores in Wheelchair Users

An innovative portable, noninvasive system helps prevent pressure ulcer development, and reverts it’s onset in tetraplegic spinal cord injured individuals relying on wheelchairs.  More...
01 Apr 2015
Image: The CareJack vest supports the back without restricting freedom of movement (Photo courtesy of Fraunhofer IPK/IZM).

Soft Robotics Helps Caregivers Preserve Skeletal Health

An active vest provides caregivers’ extra support, helping to ease the physical stress placed on the musculoskeletal system when caring for patients.  More...
25 Mar 2015
Image: The Wheelchair Access Assistant (Photo courtesy of Purdue University).

Innovative Design Helps Users Access Wheelchairs Easily

An integrated seat lifter and walker could help people more easily enter and get out of a traditional wheelchair.  More...
10 Mar 2015
Image: The iHelp mobile medical alarm mPERS (Photo courtesy of Medical Alarm Concepts).

Mobile Medical Alarm Tracks Users Location

A next generation pendant alert device uses global positioning system technology so that users can be located while on the go.  More...
19 Feb 2015

Samsung to Invest in Hospital Patient Monitoring Firm

As part of a strategic technology development plan in the Internet of Things, Samsung will invest USD 10 million in patient monitoring firm EarlySense.   More...
05 Feb 2015

The Patient Care channel of HospiMedica deals with hospital equipment and fixtures, patient ID, patient comfort, emergency equipment, and similar items.


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