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Fluke Biomedical

Patient Care

Image: The Relaxis restless legs syndrome device (Photo courtesy of Sensory Medical).

Vibration Pad Helps Restless Legs Syndrome Patients Sleep Better

A novel nonpharmacological approach to restless legs syndrome provides physical relief while enabling patients to remain in bed.  More...
19 Jun 2014
Image: Dr. Liudi Jiang fitting the liner to a prosthetic limb (Photo courtesy of the University of Southampton).

Prosthetis Liner Eases Pain in Lower Limb Amputees

A prototype prosthetic intelligent liner with integrated pressure sensors could help relieve the pain and discomfort experienced by amputees due to poorly fitting replacement lower limbs.  More...
01 May 2014
Cincinnati Sub-Zero

NanoSeptic Surface Effective Against a Variety of Pathogens

An innovative disruptive technology provides a new tool in the fight against infection and illness of even the most dangerous pathogens.  More...
03 Apr 2014

Bed Sensor Panel Monitors Vital Signs Remotely

An innovative remote vital signs monitor offers a noninvasive device with no electrodes or leads to monitor patient presence, motion, and vitals.   More...
25 Mar 2014
Wheelchair handles positions on conventional handles (Photo courtesy of New Avenue Solutions).

Wheelchair Handle Grips Make Pushing Them Easier

A new ergonomic grip that slips over traditional horizontal wheelchair handles gives the pusher a more comfortable experience.  More...
24 Mar 2014
Image: A PillPack refill bag (Photo courtesy of PillPack).

Online Service Simplifies Medication Management

A new online pharmacy takes the headache out of making sure drugs are taken on time, scheduling refills in advance, and that pill boxes are filled in correctly at the start of each week.   More...
18 Feb 2014

Thermo-Conductive Blanket Safely Warms Surgical Patients

An innovative patient warming system uses a conductive polymer fabric to deliver safe and effective warming without blowing hot air.    More...
06 Feb 2014

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