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Surgical Techniques

Anticoagulation Bridging Unnecessary in Surgical AF Patients

Patients with atrial fibrillation who stopped warfarin before they had elective surgery faced no higher risks than those who were given a “bridge” therapy, according to a new study.  More...
30 Jun 2015

Antibiotics Could Avert Surgery in Uncomplicated Appendicitis

A new study suggests most patients with an inflamed appendix could be treated with antibiotics and avoid an appendectomy.  More...
29 Jun 2015
Image: The PlasmaDerm device (Photo courtesy of Cinogy).

Cold Plasma Cloud Makes Wounds Heal Faster

An innovative device uses plasma gas for local treatment of microbial contaminated and infected skin and wounds.  More...
25 Jun 2015
Image: The SpaceOAR system benefits (Photo courtesy of Augmenix).

Injectable Spacer Reduces Radiotherapy Consequences

A novel spacer separates the rectum from the prostate during radiotherapy, potentially reducing the risk of adjacent organ-at-risk injury.   More...
25 Jun 2015

Self-Expanding Stent Treats Occluded Vascular Lesions

A novel self-expanding stent provides arterial patency in challenging cases of advanced superficial femopopliteal artery disease.  More...
24 Jun 2015

Guidance System Simplifies Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedures

A novel gastric positioning system helps promote more consistent sleeve creation and greater efficiency within the vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure.  More...
22 Jun 2015
Image: The Bio-MAC bone marrow aspiration catheter drawing form the tibia (Photo courtesy of Biologic Therapies).

Innovative Cannulas Allow Fast Bone Marrow Draws

New power driven bone marrow cannulas avoid causing patients painful bone microfractures during the extraction process.  More...
18 Jun 2015

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