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Surgical Techniques

Image: The ball tip of the GentleFlex holmium laser fiber (Photo courtesy of Dornier MedTech).

Special Lithotripsy Fiber Protects Deflected Scopes

A novel holmium laser fiber has a ball tip that can glide through a fully deflected endoscope in one easy, non-damaging step. More...
20 Oct 2016
Image: The Switch needle is always secured in one of the two jaws (Photo courtesy of Mellon Medical).

Single-Handed Suturing Device Advances Vascular Surgery

A disposable precision instrument enables surgeons to suture tubular and layered structures using just one hand, and at twice the speed of conventional suturing. More...
19 Oct 2016
AFC Industries
Image: The TrailBlazer angled peripheral support catheter (Photo courtesy of Medtronic).

Angled Support Catheter Assists Peripheral Vascular Procedures

A new angled support catheter assists clinicians during endovascular procedures to treat complex peripheral artery disease (PAD). More...
18 Oct 2016
Image: The uCerv titanium implant device (Photo courtesy of Ulrich Medical).

Solid Titanium Interbody Augments Cervical Discectomy

A new titanium cervical interbody features a large graft window, which allows for the usage of maximum bone graft material. More...
14 Oct 2016
Image: The Sentimag device and magnetic probe (Photo courtesy of Endomag).

Magnetic Probe Guides Surgical Breast Lumpectomy

A novel magnetic surgical guidance probe uses an implantable lesion marker to easily guide surgeons to cancerous lesions. More...
12 Oct 2016
LevMed LTD.
Image: The Cardioband system can repair leaking heart valves (Photo courtesy of Valtech Cardio).

Innovative Catheter Technology Repairs Leaky Tricuspid Valve

An implantable annuloplasty band for treating mitral regurgitation (MR) has been used for the first time to repair a leaky tricuspid valve. More...
12 Oct 2016
Image: The cranial sutures as viewed from the top of the head (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia).

Craniofacial Measurement Protocol Helps Evaluate Skull Deformities

The cephalic width-intercoronal distance ratio could aid in the clinical evaluation of children with metopic craniosynostosis, claims a new study. More...
11 Oct 2016

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