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Surgical Techniques

Image: Fiber reinforced hydrogels printed in a single-step process (Photo courtesy of the University of Wollongong).

Ink Technology Toughens Synthetic Hydrogels

A new study describes a three-dimensional printing technique used to print tough, fiber-reinforced hydrogels that mimic the strength and suppleness of human cartilage.  More...
23 Oct 2014

Hemostasis Bracelet Controls Bleeding After Arteriotomy Procedures

A novel device provides a safe, quick and easy method for controlling post catheterization bleeding in radial access patients. More...
21 Oct 2014
Anetic Aid
Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Incorrect Use of Splints Causes Poor Healing in Children

A new study reveals that more than 90% of potential pediatric fractures are splinted improperly, which can lead to swelling and skin injuries.  More...
20 Oct 2014
Image: The ENABLER-C Coronary Catheter System (Photo courtesy of EndoCross).

New Coronary Catheter Tackles Challenging Environments

A novel coronary catheter system features controlled guidewire advancement technology to help cross coronary chronic total occlusions.  More...
17 Oct 2014
Image: The AirPurge system for IV line air bubble detection and removal (Photo courtesy of Anesthesia Safety Products).

Automatic System Purges Bubbles from IV Lines

A new system automatically removes and disposes of air bubbles in intravenous lines during the administration of solutions, blood, and blood products.  More...
17 Oct 2014

“Smart” Bandage Glows When Healing Occurs

A new paint-on, see-through bandage not only protects wounds and severe burns, but also enables direct measurement of tissue oxygenation via a phosphorescent glow.  More...
17 Oct 2014

Slim Surgical Lamp Provides Full-Size Illumination

A new surgical lamp utilizes next generation light emitting diode technology to provide excellent visual comfort and working conditions.  More...
16 Oct 2014

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