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Fluke Biomedical

Surgical Techniques

Orthopedic Surgery Considered Safe for the Elderly

A new study concludes that orthopedic procedures such as total knee replacement and spinal fusion surgeries are beneficial for those 80 and older.  More...
30 Jul 2014

Living Donor Liver Transplantation Relatively Safe

A new study shows that right liver lobe donor hepatectomy can be performed with minimal complication rates, increasing the potential donor pool dramatically.  More...
29 Jul 2014
Bovie Medical
Centurion Service
Image: Emprint ablation system antenna inserted into a tumor directly through the skin (Photo courtesy of Covidien).

Soft Tissue Ablation Made More Predictable

An advanced ablation system offers physicians predictable results regardless of target location or tissue type.   More...
28 Jul 2014

Robot-Assisted Technique Improves Small Kidney Tumor Removal

A new study demonstrates that retroperitoneoscopic partial nephrectomy (RARPN) is preferable for excising posterior kidney tumors less accessible through traditional minimally invasive surgery approaches. More...
24 Jul 2014

Sutures Best Staples After Cesarean Section

Cesarean section incision wounds closed with sutures show a lower rate of complications compared with wounds closed with staples, according to a new study. More...
24 Jul 2014

Gold Nanoparticles Prevent Infection on Orthopedic Implants

Gold nanoparticles help prevent the formation of antibiotic resistant biofilm on the surface of orthopedic implants, according to a new study. More...
23 Jul 2014

Endoscopic Ligation Facilitates Treatment of Colonic Lipomas

A new study suggests that the endoscopic “loop-and-let-go” technique is a safe and efficacious treatment for large colonic lipomas. More...
23 Jul 2014

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