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Surgical Techniques

Wound Management System Reduces Surgical Site Morbidity

A new study demonstrates that prophylactic incisional negative pressure wound therapy is effective following ventral hernia repairs.   More...
20 Aug 2014

Acoustic Biosensor Assesses Feeding Safety Following Surgery

A novel disposal listening device that attaches to the abdomen could help monitor digestion in postoperative patients.   More...
20 Aug 2014
Centurion Service
Cincinnati Sub-Zero
Image: Structure and appearance of the Avance Nerve Graft (Photo courtesy of Axogen).

Allograft Technique Could Repair Traumatic Nerve Injuries

A new study describes an innovative nerve repair technique that yields better results and fewer side effects than current existing techniques.  More...
18 Aug 2014
Image: The TopClosure System (Photo courtesy of IVT Medical).

Skin Stretcher Device Secures Wound Closure

A temporary skin stretching system aids the aid closure and healing of post traumatic, surgical, acute, and chronic skin wounds.    More...
14 Aug 2014
Image: The Navio surgical system handpiece (Photo courtesy of Blue Belt Technologies).

Surgical System Enhances Partial Knee Replacement Options

A patellofemoral joint robotics-assisted surgery application provides a full suite of partial knee replacement options.  More...
14 Aug 2014
Image: The Ellipse Precice 2 Trauma Nail System ERC (Photo courtesy of Ellipse Technologies).

Magnetic Technology Corrects Limb Length Discrepancies

An intramedullary nail system use magnetic interaction to treat lower limb length discrepancies, often the result of acute or chronic fractures.   More...
14 Aug 2014
Image: The Velox vascular closure device (Photo courtesy of Transluminal Technologies).

Bioabsorbable Vascular Plug Seals Arteriotomies

A novel vascular closure device provides a safe and predictable means for achieving immediate hemostasis following percutaneous femoral procedures.  More...
13 Aug 2014

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