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Rigel Medical

Surgical Techniques

Two Stage Approach Best for Treating Pancreatic Pseudocysts

A new study suggests that using a two-step approach is preferable in the treatment of a huge pancreatic pseudocyst. More...
06 May 2015

Surgery Not an Option for Majority of Global Population

Five billion people worldwide do not have access to safe and affordable surgery when they need it, and millions are dying from common, easily treatable conditions, according to a new report. More...
06 May 2015
Image: A hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber (Photo courtesy of Oxford Hyperbaric Medical Center).

Hyperbaric Oxygen Aids Chronic Wound Management

A new study suggests that hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as a means of treating a variety of wound types, may become an increasingly appropriate option for treatment. More...
04 May 2015
Image: The Adherus AutoSpray Dural Sealant applicator (Photo courtesy of HyperBranch Medical Technology).

Dural Sealant Provides Watertight Closure During Brain Surgery

A new device prevents cerebrospinal fluid leaks and other complications by surgically sealing tissue during cranial procedures.  More...
30 Apr 2015

World's Smallest Pacemaker Connects Directly to the Heart

A miniaturized pacemaker provides advanced pacing technology while being small enough to be delivered and implanted directly into the heart.   More...
28 Apr 2015

Clot Removal Dramatically Improves Stroke Outcomes

Removing obstructing blood clots can significantly improve outcomes for people who suffer acute ischemic stroke, according to a new study.  More...
27 Apr 2015
Image: The Medtronic CoreValve system (Photo courtesy of Medtronic).

Valve-in-Valve Replacement Obviates Second Heart Surgery

An aortic “valve-in-valve” replacement system helps treat patients who have previously had a tissue aortic valve replacement and are in need of a second one.  More...
23 Apr 2015

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