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Surgical Techniques

Image: Prof. Matteo Pasquali holding a spool of pure carbon nanotube fiber (Photo courtesy of Jeff Witlow/ Rice University).

Nanotube Fibers Could Restore Electrical Health to Hearts

Soft, flexible nanotube fibers could be used to bridge scar tissue and restore electrical conductivity to damaged heart tissue, according to a new study.  More...
01 Sep 2015
Image: Sylys Surgical Sealant placed over an anastomosis staple line (Photo courtesy of Cohera Medical).

Elastic Sealant Protects Suture Line After Gastro Surgery

A novel synthetic sealant has been specifically designed to help reduce leaks after gastrointestinal anastomosis procedures.   More...
31 Aug 2015
3-D Printing Helps Rehearse Complex Brain Procedures

3-D Printing Helps Rehearse Complex Brain Procedures

A new study describes how custom, high–fidelity 3-D printed models of brain vessel malformations can be used to rehearse pediatric surgical procedures.   More...
25 Aug 2015

Gastric Bypass Lowers Women's Alcohol Tolerance

Women who underwent gastric bypass surgery for weight loss are twice as susceptible to alcohol, according to a new study.   More...
25 Aug 2015

Early Surgery for Mitral Regurgitation Has Best Outcomes

A new study indicates that delaying surgery until clinical mitral regurgitation triggers appear leads to increased mortality and congestive heart failure.   More...
25 Aug 2015
Image: Effects of Kybella: Unretouched photos of clinical trial patient (Sex: F, age: 55, BMI unchanged: 21.8 kg/m2) taken before and after 5 treatment sessions (Photo courtesy of Kythera Biopharmaceuticals).

New Option for Treating Double Chin

A novel, nonsurgical treatment that destroys submental fat cells could eliminate the commonly termed “double chin”.  More...
20 Aug 2015

Targeted Optical Fluorescence Lights Up Lung Cancer

New intraoperative imaging technology allows for visualization of tumor margins and accurate selection of involved lymph nodes, according to a new study.   More...
20 Aug 2015

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