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Radial Head Prosthesis System Helps Restore Elbow Function

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 01 Jan 2014
Image: The DePuy Synthes Radial Head Prosthesis System (Photo courtesy of DePuy Synthes).
Image: The DePuy Synthes Radial Head Prosthesis System (Photo courtesy of DePuy Synthes).
A modular radial system enables surgeons to restore appropriate elbow joint height, promoting joint stability after reconstruction.

The DePuy Synthes Radial Head Prosthesis System is intended for primary and revision joint replacement of the radial head. The system is also indicated for replacement of the radial head for degenerative or post-traumatic disabilities, primary replacement after fracture of the radial head, for symptomatic episodes after radial head resection, and for revision procedure following unsuccessful radial head arthroplasty.

The system is of modular design, consisting of 24 radial heads and 10 radial stems, allowing for 240 possible implant combinations. The radial head is side loading, allowing for in-situ insertion and assembly, and requiring a smaller incision than a top loading head. The radial head itself is round and symmetrical to allow for ease of sizing and implantation, and includes an integrated connection screw that engages with the taper locking assembly, along with a full line of simple instrumentation.

The radial stem part has a fluted design for rotational stability, and is available either in straight or curved forms; the straight stem has a beveled tip to allow for insertion into the medullary cavity, whereas the curved tip conforms to the physiological bend of the proximal radius. The stem also has a thin collar that helps to guide the head into the stem, and the device’s surface is roughened by chemical etching to promote bony growth. The Radial Head Prosthesis System is a product of DePuy Synthes (West Chester, PA, USA), a Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, NJ, USA) company.

“This system is a comprehensive solution for the radial head replacement that permits the surgeon to choose whether a long or short stem is best for the proximal radius,” said Harry Hoyen, MD, of the department of orthopedic surgery at MetroHealth Medical Center (Cleveland, OH, USA). “With the system, a novel surface etching permits on-growth and stability; the head element can be placed onto either stem and is designed to take into account the proximal radio-ulnar joint and radiocapitellar articulation for each respective size.”

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