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Women's Health

Invasive Breast Cancer Death Rates Are Falling

A new analysis has found that since 1988, breast cancer-specific mortality has fallen by nearly one-third.   More...
04 Aug 2015

Prenatal Testing Can Detect Cancer in Mothers

A new study suggests that noninvasive prenatal testing for genetic anomalies could identify occult, previously undiagnosed maternal malignancies.  More...
27 Jul 2015
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JD Honigberg International
Mercury Medical

Surgical Slings Effective for Stress Incontinence

Women with stress urinary incontinence obtained similarly high rates of improvement with both the transobturator route and retropubic route, according to a new study.  More...
22 Jul 2015

Women with Fibromyalgia Don't Exercise Enough

A new study reveals that women with fibromyalgia are more sedentary and less physically active than their peers, with only 16% meeting physical activity goals.  More...
21 Jul 2015

Epileptic Women Face Increased Complications During Delivery

A new study suggests that pregnant women with epilepsy have a higher risk of morbidity and mortality during delivery.  More...
16 Jul 2015
Image: The Caya diaphragm (Photo courtesy of Kessel MEDintim).

Contoured Diaphragm Offers Nonhormonal Contraception

A single-size, reusable diaphragm offers an improved barrier method for birth control, expanding options for women who do not want hormonal treatments.  More...
15 Jul 2015

Medical and Surgical Abortion Are Equally Effective

Virtually no difference exists between the effectiveness of medical and surgical abortions during the first trimester, according to a new study.  More...
22 Jun 2015

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