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Women's Health

Ultrasound System Designed for Ob/Gyn Applications

New ultrasound technology is designed to provide excellent image and streamlined productivity in workflow through highly functional features for women’s health.  More...
23 Sep 2014

Breast Screening for Women over 70 Does Not Result in Sharp Drop in Advanced Disease

Breast screening for women over age 70 does not prompt a sharp fall in advanced disease. Instead, it may just lead to overdiagnosis and overtreatment, suggests new findings by Dutch researchers.  More...
22 Sep 2014
Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Potassium Intake Tied to Lower Stroke Risk

A new study suggests that an inverse relationship exists between self-reported dietary potassium intake and stroke in postmenopausal women.  More...
16 Sep 2014

Aspirin Reduces Breast Cancer Recurrence in Overweight Women

The recurrence of hormone-related breast cancer was reduced by more than half in overweight and obese women who regularly used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, according to a new study.  More...
09 Sep 2014

China's Cesarean Section Delivery Rate Excessive

At 50%, China has one of the highest caesarean section delivery rates in the world, and efforts must be made to decrease it, according to a new commentary.  More...
03 Sep 2014

Contraceptive Pills Halve Size of Women’s Ovaries

A new study has found that birth control pills can reduce women’s ovaries upward of 50% in size, but the that the ovaries appear to return to normal after cessation.  More...
21 Aug 2014

Mammography Screening Helpful for Women Over 75

Mammography-identified breast cancer is associated with a change to earlier-stage diagnosis in older women, which was shown to result in reducing the rate of more advanced, hard-to-treat cases, according to a new study.   More...
19 Aug 2014

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