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Women's Health

Image: The Koala Toco disposable tocodynamometer (Photo courtesy of Clinical Innovations).

Disposable Dynamometer Measures Uterine Contractions

An innovative tocodynamometer utilizes air-charged technology to accurately measure uterine contractions.   More...
29 Oct 2014

Digital Breast Tomsynthesis System Receives Approval

New digital tomosynthesis breast imaging technology allows radiologists to look through a mammographic “book, one page at a time.” Clinical trials have demonstrated that the elimination of tissue superimposition can reveal tumors hidden on traditional mammograms and reduces false-positive readings.   More...
28 Oct 2014
Anetic Aid
Cincinnati Sub-Zero

RF Technology Devised to Localize Breast Tumors

For women undergoing breast cancer surgery, a localization wire is inserted into the breast through a needle to help mark the location of a tumor or benign mass on the day of surgery. For the patient, it is one another phase of what is an already painful and emotionally distressing process.  More...
28 Oct 2014

World’s First Breast Specimen Tomosynthesis System Receives FDA Approval

In providing a comprehensive analysis of excised breast tissue in a specimen radiography system, a new breast specimen tomosynthesis system can help decrease re-excision and patient call back rates. The speed and technology with which the high resolution image slices are captured results in shorter surgeries and less anesthesia time for the patient, lowering the risk of infection in hospitals.   More...
23 Oct 2014

“Virtual Breast” Designed to Enhance Ultrasound Elastography Cancer Detection

A virtual breast has been developed to help train clinicians in the use of ultrasound elastography. The technique has the potential for improving cancer detection, but only if the results are interpreted accurately.  More...
15 Oct 2014

High-Risk Endometrial Cancer Patients Helped with Radiotherapy and Concurrent Chemotherapy After Surgery

Radiation therapy administered with concurrent paclitaxel chemotherapy following surgery is an effective treatment for patients with high-risk endometrial cancer.  More...
15 Oct 2014

Maternal Iron Intake Linked to Autism Risk

A new study reveals that mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder are less likely to have taken iron supplements before and during their pregnancies.  More...
29 Sep 2014

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