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Women's Health

Vaginal Occluder Forestalls Fecal Incontinence in Women

A novel vaginal insert offers a noninvasive treatment option for fecal incontinence in adult women.  More...
24 Feb 2015

Hormone Replacement Therapy Preserves Joint Implants

A new study reveals that hormone replacement therapy is associated with an almost 40% decrease in the rate of revision surgery for hip and knee implants in women.  More...
24 Feb 2015

Nitrous Oxide for Labor Makes US Comeback

Long used for its anxiolytic properties during labor in European countries and Canada, nitrous oxide (N2O) use is resurging in the United States.  More...
23 Feb 2015

Advanced Breast CT System and Biopsy Bracket Receive US FDA Approval

The US Food and Drug Administration have approved the Koning Breast CT system and KBCT-guided biopsy bracket. The KBCT system completed the FDA medical device Pre-Market Approval process.  More...
18 Feb 2015

Older Women Foregoing Surgery for Breast Cancer

A new study explores the multifaceted reasons and priorities that explain why older women are avoiding surgery for breast cancer.   More...
17 Feb 2015

Suction Retractor Eases Access to the Cervix

A new suction cervical retractor provides an intuitive and reliable tool for diagnostic and therapeutic gynecological procedures.  More...
11 Feb 2015

Sweetened Beverages Linked to Earlier Menarche

Girls who frequently consume sugar-sweetened beverages tend to start their menstrual periods earlier than girls who do not, according to new study.   More...
10 Feb 2015

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