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Women's Health

Blood Test May Trump Standard for Early Down Syndrome Screening

A new multicenter study provides landmark evidence that a blood test undertaken between 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy may be more accurate in diagnosing Down syndrome, and two less common chromosomal abnormalities, than standard noninvasive screening techniques.  More...
15 Apr 2015

Tampons Could Help Predict Endometrial Cancer

A new study shows that vaginal secretions in tampons can be used to detect the presence of endometrial cancer DNA.   More...
07 Apr 2015

Women Retain Insulin Sensitivity Better Than Men

A new study shows that a protein that regulates muscle insulin resistance causes the sex differences in the risk of developing type two diabetes.  More...
06 Apr 2015

New Tests Available for Cervical and Other Genital HPV Cancers

A molecular laboratory service now offers new human papillomavirus testing of low- and high-risk genotypes using cutting-edge technology, including next- generation DNA sequencing platforms.   More...
24 Mar 2015

Women Undergoing Heart Attack Delay Hospital Arrival

Women suffering a heart attack wait much longer than men to call emergency medical services and face significantly longer delays getting to a hospital, according to a new study.   More...
17 Mar 2015

Vaginal Occluder Forestalls Fecal Incontinence in Women

A novel vaginal insert offers a noninvasive treatment option for fecal incontinence in adult women.  More...
24 Feb 2015

Hormone Replacement Therapy Preserves Joint Implants

A new study reveals that hormone replacement therapy is associated with an almost 40% decrease in the rate of revision surgery for hip and knee implants in women.  More...
24 Feb 2015



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