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Women's Health

Pregnant Women in Austria Experience Iodine Deficiency

A new study suggests that pregnant women in Austria have a potentially clinically significant iodine deficiency which could impair embryonic brain development.  More...
28 Jan 2015

Minimally Invasive System Removes Intact Breast Lesions

 Physicians can now excise breast lesions in their entirety, thus preserving their architectural integrity for diagnostic assessment. More...
26 Jan 2015
JD Honigberg International

Innovative “Viro-Immunotherapy” Designed to Kill Breast Cancer Cells

A leading scientist has devised a new treatment that employs viruses to kill breast cancer cells. The research could lead to a promising “viro-immunotherapy” for patients with triple-negative breast cancer, an aggressive type of the disease that currently has no targeted treatment options.   More...
22 Jan 2015

Data Reinforce HPV as First-Line Test in Cervical Cancer Screening

Newly published data from a 3-year trial support new, interim professional guidance from medical societies on use of human papillomavirus as a first-line test in cervical cancer screening for women from age 25.   More...
19 Jan 2015
Image: The Bloom Ring fertility app monitoring core temperature (Photo courtesy of Prima-Temp).

Subtle Temperature Sensor Heightens Fertility Awareness

A new self-inserted core temperature sensor helps women detect when a fertility “window of opportunity” opens.  More...
13 Jan 2015
RG Advertising

Breathing Technique Reduces Radiation Risk to the Heart

A new study shows that women who hold their breath during breast radiation therapy pulses can greatly reduce incidental doses to the heart and lung.  More...
12 Jan 2015

Women Advised to Get Yearly Mammograms Starting at Age 40

A study of breast tumors identified with screening mammography revealed that a strong family history and dense breast tissue were typically absent in women between the ages of 40 and 49 diagnosed with breast cancer.   More...
08 Jan 2015

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