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Women's Health

Significantly Increased Risk of Stillbirth in Males

A new large-scale study demonstrates that the risk of stillbirth is about ten percent higher in boys, equating to a loss of around 100,000 additional male babies per year.  More...
10 Dec 2014

Women with PTSD Face Higher Pregnancy Risk

Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder significantly increases a pregnant woman's risk of premature birth, according to a new study.  More...
17 Nov 2014
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Proton Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer Less Expensive Than Various Alternative Radiotherapy Techniques

Patients with early stage breast cancer may benefit from accelerated partial breast irradiation using proton therapy versus whole breast irradiation, in terms of duration of treatment and cost.  More...
11 Nov 2014

Prone Radiotherapy Board Used for Breast Cancer Patients Cuts the Amount of Radiation to Lung, Heart Tissue by 90%

A new treatment board that allows patients to lie on their stomach in the prone position during radiation treatment has been shown to be more effective for breast cancer patients.  More...
05 Nov 2014
Image: The Koala Toco disposable tocodynamometer (Photo courtesy of Clinical Innovations).

Disposable Dynamometer Measures Uterine Contractions

An innovative tocodynamometer utilizes air-charged technology to accurately measure uterine contractions.   More...
29 Oct 2014

Digital Breast Tomsynthesis System Receives Approval

New digital tomosynthesis breast imaging technology allows radiologists to look through a mammographic “book, one page at a time.” Clinical trials have demonstrated that the elimination of tissue superimposition can reveal tumors hidden on traditional mammograms and reduces false-positive readings.   More...
28 Oct 2014

RF Technology Devised to Localize Breast Tumors

For women undergoing breast cancer surgery, a localization wire is inserted into the breast through a needle to help mark the location of a tumor or benign mass on the day of surgery. For the patient, it is one another phase of what is an already painful and emotionally distressing process.  More...
28 Oct 2014

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