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Critical Care

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Healthy Obese Phenotype Is a Myth

A new study shows that even healthy obese adults tend to become unhealthy in the long-term, providing further evidence against the idea of healthy obesity. Researchers at University College London (UCL; United Kingdom) conducted a study to answer a fundamental question: do healthy obese adults maintain this metabolically... Read more

Surgical Techniques

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Image: The Lithoplasty balloon catheter system (Photo courtesy of Shockwave Medical).

Lithoplasty System Treats Peripheral Artery Disease

A novel system combines the calcium disrupting power of lithotripsy with the simplicity of a balloon catheter into a single device. The Lithoplasty system is designed to disrupt and pretreat calcium... Read more

Women's Health

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Image: The Bloom Ring fertility app monitoring core temperature (Photo courtesy of Prima-Temp).

Subtle Temperature Sensor Heightens Fertility Awareness

A new self-inserted core temperature sensor helps women detect when a fertility “window of opportunity” opens. The Bloom Ring is a core body temperature fertility sensor that is inserted by the user... Read more

Health IT

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Image: Study authors Mike Kolber, Christina Korownyck, and Mike Allan (Photo courtesy of the University of Alberta).

Viewers Cautioned on Televised Medical Talk Show Recommendations

A new study warns that the public should be skeptical of recommendations made on mainstream television medical talk shows, as they often lack adequate evidence or are contradicted by the best available evidence.... Read more

Hospital News

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Kindred Healthcare Completes Acquisition of Centerre

Healthcare services company Kindred Healthcare (Louisville, KY, USA) has completed the acquisition of Centerre Healthcare (Franklin, TN, USA) for USD 195 million. Kindred Healthcare, which currently operates five inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and 102 hospital-based acute rehabilitation units under its RehabCare... Read more


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Welch Allyn Enters at-Home Patient Monitoring Sector

Welch Allyn (Skaneateles Falls, NY, USA) has bought up all the assets of HealthInterlink (Omaha, NE, USA), a telehealth startup company that has developed a mobile health (mHealth) patient monitoring system. Welch Allyn sees its first foray into remote vital sign monitoring as an early step in investing in post-acute... Read more


05 Mar 2015 - 08 Mar 2015

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