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Women's Health

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Maternal Iron Intake Linked to Autism Risk

A new study reveals that mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are less likely to have taken iron supplements before and during their pregnancies. Researchers at the University of California Davis (UCD; USA) and the UCD Mind Institute Clinic (Sacramento, CA, USA) analyzed data from 866 mother-child... Read more

Health IT

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Doctors Claim EHRs Do Not Save Money or Time

A recent survey claims that 75% of physicians in the United States who use electronic health records (EHRs) say they are not cost- or time-effective, but do have value in terms of providing data. The Deloitte (New York, NY, USA) 2014 Survey examined US physicians’ current use and overall views of mobile health (mHealth)... Read more

Hospital News

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Universal Health Services Acquires Cygnet Health Care

Hospital operator Universal Health Services (UHS; King of Prussia, PA, USA) has acquired Cygnet Health Care (Sevenoaks, United Kingdom) for around USD 335 million. The transaction marks the return of UHS, the largest healthcare provider in the USA, to Europe. The behavioral health division of UHS currently operates 195... Read more


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US Helium Shortage Drives Recycling Efforts

General Electric (GE, Fairfield, CT, USA) is building a new helium recycling plant, which is used for cooling the superconducting magnets in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. GE Healthcare uses about 5.5 million liters of helium a year in the manufacture of new MRI machines, as well a further six million liters... Read more


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