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Fluke Biomedical

Health IT

EMRs Pave the Way for “Big Data”

Electronic medical records is the crucial component needed to make “Big Data” in healthcare a reality, a factor that is predicted to drive system sales.   More...
19 Aug 2014
Image: The deconvolution computational light field display (Photo courtesy of Fu-Chung Huang / Berkeley).

Vision-Correcting Display Could Make Glasses Redundant

An innovative computational light field display configuration could one day obviate the need for glasses when using digital displays.   More...
18 Aug 2014
Centurion Service
Cincinnati Sub-Zero

IT Technology Unifies Images, Data, and Reporting Workflows Throughout Hospital Enterprise

A new integrated information technology system will unify images, data, and reporting workflows across all imaging departments in a hospital. The technology will allow hospitals to expand towards the latest, advanced imaging technology platform.   More...
31 Jul 2014
Image: The PESA Xstream “Black box” for operating rooms (Photo  courtesy of PESA).

“Black Box” Recorder Monitors Operating Rooms

A “black box,” similar to that used in the airline industry, could improve patient safety and outcomes by identifying where errors occur in the operating room and teaching surgeons how to prevent them.   More...
29 Jul 2014

Tufts Medical Center Automates Anesthesia Documentation Process

Tufts Medical Center has adopted Anesthesia Touch, a full-featured anesthesia information management system (AIMS) that automates anesthesia documentation. More...
23 Jul 2014
Image: The Health eResearch Center UV2 supercomputer (Photo courtesy of HeRC).

Supercomputer Accelerates Pace of Health Research

The University of Manchester is financing a new supercomputer system that can analyze bigger and more complex sets of information. More...
23 Jul 2014

Wikipedia Dominates Internet Drug Information

Wikipedia, along with Google and WebMD, is where more than half of all Americans turn to for health information on prescription drugs.  More...
17 Jul 2014

The Health IT channel of HospiMedica informs about healthcare information technology for hospitals, clinics, and private practice. Among the subjects covered are electronic medical record environments, document management, HIS, RIS, PACS, LIM, and others.
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