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Health IT

Google Glass Effective for Teletoxicology Consultations

A new study confirms that Google Glass can be used effectively for bed-side emergency room toxicology consults in suspected cases of poisoning.   More...
02 Sep 2015

Increased Pressure on Healthcare Providers in the US to Adopt Telehealth

Young digitally-connected patients in the US are pressuring local healthcare providers to adopt telehealth solutions.  More...
24 Aug 2015

Wireless Pulse Oximeter Shares Data with Mobile Devices

An innovative wireless fingertip pulse oximeter enables clinicians to track and trend measurements through smart mobile devices.    More...
17 Aug 2015

One in Four People in the UK Self-Diagnose Illnesses

A new report reveals that 21.8% of people in the United Kingdom have chosen self-diagnosis of their symptoms online because they were unable to get a doctor’s appointment, or because their doctor wasn’t available quickly enough.  More...
11 Aug 2015
Image: Jins Screen lenses reduce transmission of blue light (Photo courtesy of Jins).

Functional Eyeglasses Reduce Digital Eye Strain

A new class of functional eyewear is designed to combat eye strain caused by the blue light emitted from digital devices, including computer screens and smartphones.  More...
05 Aug 2015
Image: The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (Photo courtesy of UCLA Health).

Hackers Successfully Breach UCLA Health System

 UCLA Health admitted on July 17, 2015, that it has been hit by a cyber-attack, with hackers successfully accessing parts of the computer network that include personal and medical information. More...
04 Aug 2015

Lung Simulations Could Improve Respiratory Treatment

An innovative computer model that predicts the flow of liquids in human lungs could provide insight into the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome.  More...
03 Aug 2015

The Health IT channel of HospiMedica informs about healthcare information technology for hospitals, clinics, and private practice. Among the subjects covered are electronic medical record environments, document management, HIS, RIS, PACS, LIM, and others.
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