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Health IT

Siemens Wins Major Dutch Healthcare IT contract

Siemens Healthcare has won contracts from two Dutch university hospitals to supply, implement, and support the Soarian Clinicals hospital information system.   More...
14 Apr 2014
Image: SurgeryPad (left) and MITK Pocket (right) (Photo courtesy of Mbits).

Medical Informatics Solutions Improve Patient Care

Two innovative solutions provide data accessibility and imaging capabilities to ensure efficiency and the best possible treatment at the point-of-care.  More...
01 Apr 2014

Software Designed for the Assessment of Orthopedic Implant Fixation and Bone Segment Motion

Model-based roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis software has been developed for evaluation of orthopedic implant fixation and bone segment motion.   More...
26 Mar 2014
Image: The Virtual Medical Assistant placed under a mattress (Photo courtesy of Sensiotec).

Bed Sensor Panel Monitors Vital Signs Remotely

An innovative remote vital signs monitor offers a noninvasive device with no electrodes or leads to monitor patient presence, motion, and vitals.   More...
24 Mar 2014

Implanted Sensor Membrane Monitors Heart’s Health

A printed, custom-fitted, implantable device with embedded sensors could transform the treatment and prediction of cardiac disorders.   More...
19 Mar 2014

Recommended Mobile Apps for Emergency Medicine

A new review reveals the 10 most recommended applications (apps) for emergency department providers.   More...
19 Mar 2014
Image: The AliveCor mobile ECG recorder (Photo courtesy of AliveCor).

Mobile Heart Monitor Integrates with EHR

A new partnership will allow physician offices to import electrocardiogram readings into an electronic health records platform.   More...
09 Mar 2014

The Health IT channel of HospiMedica informs about healthcare information technology for hospitals, clinics, and private practice. Among the subjects covered are electronic medical record environments, document management, HIS, RIS, PACS, LIM, and others.
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