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Rigel Medical

Health IT

Wireless Vital Signs Monitor Improves Patient Safety

A new clinical patient monitor automates collection of vital signs, sharing the data automatically with hospital and physician electronic medical record systems.   More...
16 Apr 2015
Image: Composite patient anatomy on the True3D Viewer (Photo courtesy of EchoPixel).

Interactive Virtual Reality Crosses Healthcare Threshold

Landmark technology converts patient anatomy into fully interactive, three-dimensional virtual reality images as a tool for doctors, medical students, and patients.  More...
15 Apr 2015

Ultra-Bright Display Enhances Surgical Visualization

A next-generation display boasts an antireflective coating that can overcome glare in high ambient light environments.  More...
14 Apr 2015

Novel app Accurately Monitors Surgical Blood Loss

An innovative smartphone app provides a fast, easy, and accurate means of estimating blood loss in surgical suction containers.  More...
01 Apr 2015
Image: Simulation of color correction using EnChroma Cx (Photo courtesy of EnChroma).

Correcting Glasses Reestablish Indoor Color Vision

Innovative glasses enable red-green color vision deficiency sufferers see digital display screens and status indicator lights when performing color-based activities.  More...
01 Apr 2015

Increasing Point-of-Care Testing Workload Addressed with New Integrated Systems Solution

Challenges faced by clinical laboratory point-of-care coordinators can now be more efficiently tackled with an innovative approach developed as a new component of an informatics solution for managing in vitro diagnostics analyzers and operators.  More...
18 Mar 2015
Image: ResolutionMD across multiple devices (Photo courtesy of Calgary Scientific).

Healthcare Communication Platform Offers Seamless Image Access

Novel diagnostic medical imaging software offers better access to health information, supports increased teamwork, and enhances communication among practitioners and patients.  More...
05 Mar 2015

The Health IT channel of HospiMedica informs about healthcare information technology for hospitals, clinics, and private practice. Among the subjects covered are electronic medical record environments, document management, HIS, RIS, PACS, LIM, and others.


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