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Image: Bio-glue enables near-instantaneous gelling, sealing and healing of injured tissue (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

Game-Changing ‘Bio-Glue’ Could End Use of Surgical Sutures and Staple

A new ‘bio-glue’ has the capability to replace and revolutionize tissue adhesives (like fibrin glue) currently utilized in clinical settings, triage situations and mass casualty incidents. The discovery of the new bio-glue designed using materials already approved by the US FDA for other applications may mean an end to surgical sutures and staples made of plastic or stainless steel. More...
24 May 2022
Image: Novel miniature microelectromechanical devices could find medical applications (Photo courtesy of KAUST)

Single-Actuator System Allows Sensor-Free Precision Control of Miniature Surgical Instruments

The ability to precisely control the position and movement of miniature devices is now being taken into new territory with scientists developing tinier and simpler devices without a single sensor. More...
24 May 2022
Image: XACT ACE Robotic system (Photo courtesy of XACT Robotics)

CT-Guided, Robotic System Enables Fast, Accurate and Hands-Free Insertion and Steering of Ablation Probes

A robotic system integrates image guided planning and real time monitoring with precise robotic insertion and non-linear steering to deliver various instruments to a desired target in the body with enhanced accuracy and consistency. More...
24 May 2022
Image: Novel surface treatment could prevent deadly hospital infections without antibiotics (Photo courtesy of Penn State)

Novel Surface Treatment Stops Microbes from Adhering to Medical Devices

A novel surface treatment developed by scientists could help improve the safety of medical devices like catheters, stents, heart valves and pacemakers, whose surfaces often become covered with harmful bacterial films, thus easing the economic burden on health care systems. More...
23 May 2022
Image: EsoGuard has demonstrated over 90% specificity and 90% sensitivity in identifying Barrett’s Esophagus (Photo courtesy of Lucid Diagnostics)

Biomarker Based Non-Endoscopic Technology Identifies Risk for Esophageal Cancer

A new technology coupled with a new biomarker test are giving patients timely access to a quick, accurate and less invasive way to identify risk for Barrett's esophagus (BE). More...
23 May 2022
Image: HemoScreen POC blood test analyzer makes testing simple and accessible anywhere (Photo courtesy of PixCell Medical)

POC Blood Test Analyzer Performs CBC in Five Minutes

The world's first and only lab-quality, portable plug-and-play Complete Blood Count (CBC) analyzer allows real-time blood testing to be performed by anyone, anywhere, providing critical health data on the spot. More...
23 May 2022
Image: Ultrathin fuel cell uses the body’s own sugar to generate electricity (Photo courtesy of MIT)

Glucose Fuel Cell Uses Sugar Present in Blood to Power Medical Implants

In recent years, scientists have been investigating glucose fuel cells as potentially smaller power sources, fueled directly by the body’s abundant glucose which is the sugar we absorb from the foods we eat. Glucose powers every cell in our bodies and could now power tomorrow’s medical implants. More...
20 May 2022
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