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Patient Care

Image: New research shows a 3D position sensor helps OSA pateints sleep better (Photo courtesy of NightBalance).

Sleep Training Device Helps Prevent Positional OSA

An innovative sleep position trainer (SPT) prompts patients not to sleep on their back, thus helping to prevent Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSA). More...
11 Jan 2018
Image: Research suggests laser shoes can help PD patients walk safer (Photo courtesy University of Twente).

Laser Shoes Alleviate Gait Freezing in Parkinson’s Disease

Innovative shoes with laser pointers project a line on the floor to the rhythm of the footsteps, helping trigger Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients to walk. More...
04 Jan 2018
Image: The Med4 Elite is designed as a powerful multi-modality orthopedic rehabilitation tool (Photo courtesy of Game Ready).

Innovative Device Facilitates Orthopedic Rehabilitation

A multi-modality system that delivers both thermal and intermittent pneumatic compression therapy provides healthcare practitioners with flexible treatment options for orthopedic rehabilitation. More...
19 Oct 2017
Image: New research asserts too many tests may do more harm than good (Photo courtesy of Medicimage).

Early Disease Detection Not Always Advantageous

Medical technology can today discover conditions and precursors of disease for which the treatment itself can be more traumatic than living with the ailment. More...
18 Oct 2017
Image: The temperature-controlled specimen transport container used by the drones (Photo courtesy of JHU).

New Distance Record Set by Medical Drone Transport

A new study describes how human blood samples were successfully transporting across almost 260 kilometers of Arizona desert. More...
28 Sep 2017
Image: New software matches patients and nurses to adjust workloads fairly (Photo courtesy of MedAdaptus).

Intelligent Software Automatically Assigns Nurses

A new software program matches patients and nurses by applying a protocol engine intended to tackle the complexities of patient assignments. More...
27 Sep 2017
Image: The iPS-M100 medical grade power system charges two lithium-ion batteries (Photo courtesy of Advantech).

Smart Battery System Reduces Medical Device Downtime

A novel hot-swappable battery system can power a range of mobile healthcare devices, such as vital signs monitors and computer carts. More...
07 Sep 2017

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