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Patient Care

Image: A new study shows medical expenses have the potential to drive uninsured Americans into financial ruin (Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto).

Majority of Uninsured Trauma Patients Face Economic Hardship

A new study concludes that 70% of uninsured patients admitted for trauma care in the United States will face medical debt that could drive them into destitution. More...
21 Apr 2017
Image: Research indicates second opinions can change the course of disease treatment (Photo courtesy of Bigstock).

Second Opinions Reveal Extent of Diagnostic Error

A new study reports that as many as 88% of patients referred for a second opinion receive a refined diagnosis that can change their care plan, and potentially their lives. More...
20 Apr 2017
Fluke Biomedical
Image: The Samsung Gear Oculus VR headset creates a virtual reality (Photo courtesy of Samsung).

Virtual Reality Helps Decrease Hospitalized Patient’s Pain

Experiencing calming video content in virtual reality (VR) can significantly reduce pain for hospitalized patients, according to a new study. More...
11 Apr 2017
Image: A novel electrical stimulation armband patch could alleviate migraines (Photo courtesy of Theranica).

Electrical Stimulation Patch Could Alleviate Migraine

A wireless neurostimulation patch that blocks pain signals to the brain may one day replace drugs for the treatment of migraine, according to a new study. More...
17 Mar 2017
Image: A new study shows a transparent heating pad could prevent thermotherapy burns (Photo courtesy of ACS).

Transparent Heating Pad Helps Prevent Thermotherapy Burns

A new study describes an innovative transparent thermotherapy pad (TTP) that allows users to see through it to monitor skin color, thus preventing potential injuries. More...
10 Mar 2017
Image: The STERRAD 100NX System (Photo courtesy of ASP).

Low-Temperature Sterilization System Maximizes Efficiency

A new low-temperature hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) sterilization system uses proprietary algorithms to minimize workflow interruptions and cycle cancellations. More...
24 Feb 2017
Image: Research shows a home-based therapy can help stroke survivors (Photo courtesy of Knowridge).

Feedback Training Improves the Lives of Stroke Survivors

A new study concludes that home-based visuomotor feedback training (VFT) can help treat chronic hemispatial neglect, a severe cognitive condition frequently observed after a stroke. More...
10 Feb 2017

The Patient Care channel of HospiMedica deals with hospital equipment and fixtures, patient ID, patient comfort, emergency equipment, and similar items.
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