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Patient Care

Image: The iPS-M100 medical grade power system charges two lithium-ion batteries (Photo courtesy of Advantech).

Smart Battery System Reduces Medical Device Downtime

A novel hot-swappable battery system can power a range of mobile healthcare devices, such as vital signs monitors and computer carts. More...
07 Sep 2017
Image: Research shows more adults in their twilight years are dependent on caregivers (Photo courtesy of ShutterStock).

Seniors Now Spend More Years with Caregivers

Extended life expectancy has contributed to the number of years older adults will be dependent on others, claims a new study. More...
01 Sep 2017
Image: An AI algorithm monitors sleep stages without sensors attached to the body (Photo courtesy of Christine Daniloff / MIT).

Wireless Signals Monitor Patients with Sleep Disorders

Low-power radio waves that detect small changes in body movement caused by the patient's breathing and pulse can nonintrusively diagnose and study sleep problems. More...
24 Aug 2017
Image: A new study recommends revising guidelines for orthostatic hypotension assessment (Photo courtesy of iStock).

Revision of Guidelines Beneficial for Assessing Orthostatic Hypotension

Researchers have found that measuring blood pressure to test for the presence of orthostatic hypotension (OH; a form of low blood pressure) should be performed within one minute of standing after a person has been lying down, instead of three minutes after. More...
07 Aug 2017
Image: Research shows implementing a patient discharge plan can reduce readmission rates (Photo courtesy of AdobeStock).

Hospital Discharge Program Improves Patient Experience

A standardized hospital-based program provides patients and caregivers the information they need to continue care at home. More...
20 Jul 2017
Image: An experimental setup for the estimation of 3DOF human forearm and wrist impedance (Photo courtesy of UNIST).

Robotic Device Helps Stroke Survivors Recover Movement

A new study describes how robotic-assisted rehabilitation therapy can assess muscle activity and movement dysfunction in stroke survivors, helping to improve their mobility. More...
22 Jun 2017
Image: A new stretcher interface device could save the lives of neonates during transit by ambulance (Photo courtesy of Birmingham City University).

Novel Stretcher Could Prevent Neonatal Deaths in Ambulances

A stretcher interface device (SID) for newborn babies will help to isolate them from sudden ambulance accelerations and decelerations and in the event of a crash. More...
08 Jun 2017

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