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03 Jun 2017 - 05 Jun 2017
07 Jun 2017 - 09 Jun 2017

Health IT

Image: A bullet-shape microrobot with a programmed inner cavity, swimming in 5% H2O2 (Photo courtesy of Max Planck Institute).

Functional Microrobots Could Harbor Bioengineering Apps

A new study suggests that untethered micron-scale mobile robots can navigate and non-invasively perform specific tasks inside hard-to-reach body sites. More...
22 May 2017
Image: The HF app compared to pulse oximetry results (Photo courtesy of Heart Fitness).

Heart Rate Apps Show Inconsistent Results

There is a huge variability among commercially available photoplethysmography (PPG) heart rate apps, even those using the same technology, according to a new study. More...
17 May 2017
Fluke Biomedical
Image: The Study Watch will help identify the origins of disease (Photo courtesy of Verily).

Alphabet to Create Google Maps for Healthcare

Verily, formerly known as Google Life Sciences, is launching Project Baseline, a four-year longitudinal health study designed to understand how people transition from being healthy to becoming sick, and to identify additional risk factors for diseases. More...
09 May 2017
Image: A 3D model of a heart printed with additive manufacturing technology (Photo courtesy of GE Healthcare).

3D-Printed Organs Help Clarify Anatomical Quandaries

Three-dimensional (3D) printed anatomical models of internal organs can offer patients added insight by showing them what’s really going on inside their bodies. More...
02 May 2017
Image: Research shows hundreds of healthcare institutions report data breaches (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock).

Hospitals Face Increased Risk of Data Breaches

A new study suggests that as health providers adopt health information technology, they increasingly suffer from data breaches. More...
26 Apr 2017
Image: The MyAsthma app helps user manage their asthma (Photo courtesy of GSK).

Smartphones Help Relieve Asthma Management Stress

A new smartphone app allows people suffering from asthma to track and manage their condition. More...
26 Apr 2017
Image: The 3D-bioprinted cell patch on top of a mouse heart (Photo courtesy of Patrick O’Leary/UMN).

Bioprinted Patch Helps Hearts Recover Following MI

A new study describes how a novel three-dimensional (3D) printing technique can produce biological scaffolds that significantly improve recovery from an ischemic myocardial infarct (MI). More...
24 Apr 2017

The Health IT channel of HospiMedica informs about healthcare information technology for hospitals, clinics, and private practice. Among the subjects covered are electronic medical record environments, document management, HIS, RIS, PACS, LIM, and others.
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