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Surgical Techniques

Image: A colonoscopy robot that inflates like a balloon could improve patient satisfaction (Photo courtesy of Hossein Dehghani/ UNL).

Soft Colonoscopy Robot Could Revolutionize Routine Screening

A new study describes how a prototype robotic probe that adapts to the colon’s anatomy could enable hospitals to perform screening colonoscopies without expert supervision. More...
17 Jan 2018
Image: The major migraine trigger points (Photo courtesy of Pinterest).

Migraine Surgery Produces Dramatic Functional Improvements

A new study claims that in addition to reducing headache frequency and severity, surgical treatment for migraine leads to significant improvements in everyday functioning and coping ability. More...
16 Jan 2018
Image: Low-resource hospitals, such as this one in Senegal, contribute to Africa’s higher surgical death rate (Photo courtesy of IvuMed).

African Surgical Deaths Equal to Double Global Average

A new study reveals that despite a low-risk profile and few postoperative complications, patients in Africa are twice as likely to die compared to the worldwide norm. More...
15 Jan 2018
Image: An intrauterine balloon tamponade device (Photo courtesy of Alpha Image).

Intrauterine Balloon Tamponade Improves Hemorrhage Control

A new study shows that using an intrauterine balloon is associated with a significantly lower need for invasive procedures for hemorrhage control in women following vaginal delivery. More...
11 Jan 2018
Image: Miniature robotic instruments open new frontiers in robotic surgery (Photo courtesy of MMI).

Microrobotic Instruments Expand Surgical Intervention Portfolio

A robotic platform specifically designed for open microsurgery can potentially offer improved surgical success rates and patient outcomes. More...
10 Jan 2018
Image: The Gorilla lateral column plating system (Photo courtesy of Paragon 28).

Dedicated Plating System Addresses Charcot Deformity

A dedicated plating system offers surgeons an aid in the stabilization, fusion, and fixation of the lateral column in people undergoing Charcot reconstruction. More...
09 Jan 2018
Image: The C7 cervical nerve transfer procedure (Photo courtesy of MX Zheng / Fudan University).

Cervical Nerve Transfer Improves Spastic Arm Paralysis

Contralateral seventh cervical (C7) nerve transfer is beneficial for patients with unilateral arm paralysis for more than five years, according to a new study. More...
08 Jan 2018

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