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Critical Care

Image: An earbud prototype that has been wired for data collection (Photo courtesy of MUSC)

Earbuds to Outperform Smartwatches in Monitoring Blood Pressure

Researchers are exploring the use of earbuds as an alternative to blood pressure cuffs for regular blood pressure monitoring at home. The earbuds can simplify this process, eliminate expenses for purchasing a blood pressure cuff, and support regular monitoring of blood pressure for individuals managing heart failure. More...
28 Mar 2023
Image: Futuristic illustration of a liver created by DALL-EE AI (Photo courtesy of MUSC)

AI Helps Identify Liver Cirrhosis Using Electronic Health Records

Researchers have created a new artificial intelligence (AI) method to automate the detection of liver cirrhosis by utilizing extensive data from electronic health records (EHRs). More...
28 Mar 2023
Image: The percutaneous EVBA procedure allows for precise placement of the MobiusHD implant in the target location (Photo courtesy of Vascular Dynamics)

Game-Changing Endovascular Device-Based Approach Helps Patients Suffering From Heart Failure

For individuals with symptomatic heart failure who have already tried various medications without much improvement, a new percutaneous catheter-based therapy could potentially provide clinical relief. More...
24 Mar 2023
Image: Researchers have developed an electronic skin that is as flexible as crocodile skin (Photo courtesy of POSTECH)

Crocodile-Skin-Inspired Omnidirectionally Stretchable Pressure Sensor Could Find Diverse Healthcare Applications

Creating electronic skin with multiple senses is crucial for numerous fields, such as healthcare, rehabilitation, prosthetic limbs, and robotics. A critical element of this technology is stretchable pressure sensors that can identify different types of touch and pressure. A team of researchers has now achieved a significant breakthrough by developing omnidirectionally stretchable pressure sensors modeled after crocodile skin. More...
23 Mar 2023
Image: The Brainomix 360 e-ASPECTS stroke AI imaging software has received FDA clearance (Photo courtesy of Brainomix)

Cutting-Edge Stroke AI Imaging Platform Provides Real-Time Interpretation of Brain Scans

A cutting-edge stroke artificial intelligence (AI) imaging platform supports doctors by providing real-time interpretation of brain scans. This can help in making treatment and transfer decisions for stroke patients, ensuring they receive treatment at the right time and in the appropriate location. More...
22 Mar 2023
Image: Machine learning program can accurately predict a patient’s risk of death within a month, a year and five years (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

Machine Learning Programs Predict Mortality Risk by Analyzing Results from Routine Hospital Tests

Hospital ECGs are mostly read by a doctor or nurse at the patient’s bedside, but now researchers are applying artificial intelligence (AI) to gather additional information from those results to improve patients care. More...
22 Mar 2023
Image: Using the injectable gel, the researchers were able to grow electrodes in living tissue (Photo courtesy of Linköping University)

Injectable Hydrogel Allows Scientists to Grow Electrodes inside Body

Researchers have devised a method for creating soft and substrate-free electronically conductive materials in living tissue. Using a gel containing enzymes as "assembly molecules," researchers were able to grow electrodes in the tissue of zebrafish and medicinal leeches, bridging the gap between biology and technology. More...
21 Mar 2023

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