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Image: As part of its Strategy 2025, Siemens Healthineers plans to use data and AI to integrate existing and innovative technologies for therapy (Photo courtesy of iStock).

Siemens Healthineers Strategy 2025 to Focus on AI

Siemens Healthineers has laid out its strategy to bolster its market leadership by 2025 and beyond, aimed at accelerating profitable growth and delivering return. The company has stated that it is well prepared to take advantage of the paradigm shift and structural growth opportunities in healthcare. More...
18 Jan 2018
Image: Seegene has developed the world’s first molecular diagnostics assays using an artificial intelligence-based automated assay development system (Photo courtesy of Seegene).

Seegene Develops World’s First Multiplex MDx Assays with AI System

Seegene Inc., a developer of multiplex PCR technologies, successfully developed molecular diagnostics (MDx) assays in just four days using an artificial intelligence- (AI) based automated assay development system. These assays are high multiplex real-time PCR reagents developed completely by AI and are meant for the simultaneous detection of eight different DNA targets for each of meningitis and sexually transmitted infections. More...
09 Jan 2018
Image: The shortage of pathologists and rise in new cancer cases are responsible for an increased adoption of digital pathology solutions worldwide (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Fewer Pathologists and More Cancer Patients Drive Pathology Market

The global digital pathology market was worth USD 381.8 million in 2016 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.2% to reach USD 708.9 million by 2021, driven by the increased adoption of digital pathology solutions worldwide due to shortage of pathologists and rise in new cancer cases. Additionally, new business models and increased FDA approvals of Whole Slide Image (WSI) scanners for primary diagnostics are expected to provide a boost to the digital pathology market. More...
02 Jan 2018
Image: The gap between AI and humans is expected to be bridged in 2018 through a collaboration of humans and machines (Photo courtesy of Techora).

Human-Machine Collaboration to Redefine Healthcare Market in 2018

Human-machine collaboration will bridge the gap between artificial intelligence (AI) and humans in 2018, leaving aside the man versus machine competition. Non-traditional players such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and IBM will start having a tangible impact on the healthcare ecosystem. Competing outside their conventional arena, these organizations are pushing traditional healthcare companies to break their main business model and make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and consumer-centric. More...
26 Dec 2017
Image: The Nvidia Quadro GPU will bring AI to medical imaging devices (Photo courtesy of GE Healthcare).

AI Platform Upgrades CT, Ultrasound, and Analytics Solutions

GE Healthcare and Nvidia have announced a series of imaging equipment advances to be powered by Nvidia’s artificial intelligence (AI) computing platform. More...
25 Dec 2017
Image: Results of a new study found that machine learning outperformed pathologists in detecting metastatic breast cancer (Photo courtesy of iStock).

AI Outperforms Pathologists in Diagnosing Breast Cancer

A study comparing the ability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms with expert pathologists in detecting metastatic breast cancer in whole-slide images found that the machine learning outperformed the pathologists. The results of the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that deep learning algorithms have the ability to improve diagnosis and could be used to help clinicians detect cancer in the clinic. More...
20 Dec 2017
Image: A new research collaboration aims to improve breast cancer diagnosis using AI (Photo courtesy of Imperial College London).

New Project Studies If AI Can Improve Breast Cancer Detection

A new project by a consortium of leading breast cancer experts, clinicians and academics, and leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) research will explore whether AI can help detect and diagnose breast cancers more effectively. The consortium, led by Imperial College London and based at the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre, will explore how AI can improve breast screening for more accurate detection of cancers. More...
20 Dec 2017

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