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2024 World Medical Conference and Medical Tourism Expo

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 10 Jul 2024
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The World Medical Tourism Exhibition is a one-stop platform for communication and cooperation.
The World Medical Tourism Exhibition is a one-stop platform for communication and cooperation.

Exhibition Introduction

Chinese outbound tourists cover nearly 200 countries around the world, with more than 150 million people. The huge population and high consumption capacity mean huge demand for medical and health care. The 2024 World Medical Tourism Conference and Medical Tourism Expo will be held at the same time as the 8th Hainan International Health Industry Expo.

Advantages of Hainan Free Trade Zone in hosting medical tourism exhibitions:

Geographical and policy advantages:

As China's international free trade zone (port) and international tourism island, Hainan has special policy advantages, such as tax policy and free trade advantages, which provide a good environment and conditions for the holding of medical tourism exhibitions. Hainan has implemented visa-free entry for tourist groups from 59 countries, which will help attract more international exhibitors and tourists to participate in the exhibition.

Advantages in medical resources:

As a national pilot zone, Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone has established direct cooperation with four-fifths of the world's top 30 pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. There are 135 anti-tumor and rare disease drugs and equipment that are not listed in China in the park, which shows its advancement and innovation in the medical field. Hainan's medical tourism services cover diversified needs from in vitro fertilization, intensive care treatment, precision physical examinations to anti-aging services, meeting the needs of domestic and foreign consumers for healthy and high-quality medical services.

Advantages in market demand:

China has become one of the world's largest cross-border medical tourism markets, and the medical tourism market has huge potential. Hainan can further promote the development of the medical tourism industry and meet the needs of domestic and foreign consumers by hosting the World Medical Tourism Exhibition.

The exhibition can help medical and health consumers learn about global high-quality medical resources without leaving the country, connect with advanced medical tourism service agencies at home and abroad, and customize personalized medical tourism plans.

Exhibition platform advantages:

The World Medical Tourism Exhibition is a one-stop platform for communication and cooperation. It is expected to attract nearly 300 international hospitals and medical tourism service agencies at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, focusing on displaying multi-national characteristic medical projects. The exhibition can not only help medical and health consumers connect with advanced medical tourism service agencies at home and abroad, but also help channel dealers and service agencies to understand international cutting-edge medical tourism information, seek projects with development prospects, and share business opportunities.


Guiding units:

Central Committee of the China Democratic League

People's Government of Hainan Province


Health Commission of Hainan Province

Medical Security Bureau of Hainan Province

Drug and Drug Administration of Hainan Province

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products

China Pharmaceutical Innovation Promotion Association

Hainan Preventive Medicine Association

Hainan Social Security Research Association

Hainan Traditional Chinese Medicine Association


Overseas support:

World Health Organization (WHO)

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

World Bank International Finance Corporation (IFC)

World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA)

Conference Forum Theme

Forum 1: International Medical and Health Cooperation Forum under the Belt and Road Initiative

Forum 2: International Anti-Aging Industry Development Forum

Forum 3: Global Tumor Innovation Treatment Summit Forum

Forum 4: Free Trade Zone (Port) Medical Security Reform and Development Forum

Forum 5: Free Trade Port Policy and Medical Tourism Development Forum

Forum 6: International Medical Tourism Industry Development Forum

Forum 7: International Assisted Reproductive Technology and Channel Cooperation Forum

Forum 8: International Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Forum

Forum 9: International Medical and Insurance Industry Cooperation Forum

Forum 10: Health Care and Medical Tourism Development Forum

Forum 11: Anti-Aging Regeneration Innovation Product Technology Promotion Conference

Forum 12: International Oncology Medical Technology and Service Forum

Forum 13: Smart Medical and Tourism Integration Development Forum

Forum 14: Cross-border Medical Tourism Cooperation and Development Forum

Forum 15: Health Management and Tourism Service Innovation Forum

Forum 16: International Nutritional Supplements and Drugs Forum

Forum 17: Stem Cell Storage and Automation Technology Forum

Forum 18: Medical Tourism Service Forum

Forum 19: Cross-border Medical Tourism Cooperation Forum

Forum 20: International Medical Cosmetology Forum

Forum 21: Organoid and 3D Cell Culture Forum

Forum 22: Organ Transplantation Forum

Forum 23: Assisted Reproduction Forum

Forum 24: Stem Cell Therapy Innovation and Development Forum

Forum 25: Surgical Robot and Telemedicine Forum

Forum 26: IVF Technology and Popular Science Forum

Forum 27: Hainan Medical Tourism Resource Promotion and Project Matchmaking Meeting

Forum 28: Overseas Medical Tourism Resource Promotion and Project Matchmaking Meeting

Forum 29: International Critical Care Treatment Forum

Forum 30: Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Medical Security Reform and Development Forum

Forum 31: Special Medicine Development Forum

Forum 32: Neuroscience and Brain-Computer Interface Forum

Note: Enterprises can act as forum planners and plan other new topics

Audience Group

  • International Hospital
  • Medical Center
  • Tourism Bureau
  • Distributors
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical and health institutions
  • High-end companies
  • Channel Partners
  • Agents
  • Health Management Company
  • Specialist Clinic
  • Internet Medical
  • Rehabilition Center
  • Referral Agency
  • Government and Industry Associations
  • Gynecology Clinic
  • Travel Agency
  • Beauty Salon
  • Financial Bank
  • Media

Exhibition Scope

International medical institutions, special rehabilitation centers:

Assisted reproductive technology, critical care, precision physical examination, advanced medication, medical beauty and plastic surgery technology, international hospitals, special health centers, and tourism health resorts;

International medical service agencies:

Medical translation agencies, medical tourism planning companies, overseas medical consultation, visa processing, hospital appointments, referral agencies, medical resource providers, health management program agencies, travel agencies, etc.;

Reproductive nutrients and health products companies:

Folic acid, vitamin C, fatty acid health products, vitamin E, mineral health products, plant extract health products, protein health products, probiotic health products, special functional health products, special medical foods, etc.;

Governments and industry associations related to medical tourism:

Regional governments, tourism bureaus, reproductive industry associations, health departments, etc.;

Stem cells and regenerative medicine:

cell storage, regenerative medicine products, stem cell preparation, cell therapy, life bank, etc.;

Innovative product technologies for anti-aging regeneration:

Cell regeneration, medical cosmetology, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, flora transplantation, NMN, NAD+, etc.;

Organizing Committee Secretariat

E-mail: macybiaogan@outlook.com / 786012162@qq.com

WhatsApp/tel: +86 18122765499

Official website: www.wmt-expo.cn

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