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29 May 2018 - 31 May 2018
02 Jun 2018 - 04 Jun 2018

Women's Health

Image: The Braster system and accompanying app (Photo courtesy of Braster).

Self–Exam Device Helps Detect Breast Cancer

An innovative medical thermographic testing device detects breast cancer by imaging and recording temperature distribution in the breasts. More...
25 Apr 2018
Image: A new study shows women face a higher risk of heart failure after giving birth (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Study Shows Women at Highest HF Risk following Delivery

A new study finds that women are at the highest risk for heart failure (HF) within the six weeks of delivery, known as the postpartum period. More...
19 Apr 2018
FIME - Informa
Image: A new study asserts menopausal hormone therapy promotes a healthy heart (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Menopausal Hormone Therapy Lowers Heart Failure Risk

Menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) appears to have a beneficial effect on women’s cardiovascular health, according to a new study. More...
22 Mar 2018
Image: A depression of the brain during birth due to large head circumference (Photo courtesy of Ruhr University).

Head Circumference Determines Brain Damage in Newborns

A new cranial ultrasound study reveals that a large head circumference at birth increases the risk for brain damage by tenfold. More...
19 Mar 2018
Image: A new study suggests tummy tucks can reduce incontinence and back pain following delivery (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock).

Abdominoplasty Reduces Back Pain and Urinary Incontinence

A new study suggests that abdominoplasty significant improves functional symptoms of lower back pain (LBP) and urinary incontinence (UI) experienced by women after labor and delivery. More...
12 Mar 2018
Image: New guidelines suggest screening for ovarian cancer in asymptomatic women holds more harm than benefit (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Ovarian Cancer Screening Not Recommended by New Guidelines

New guidelines released by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommend against screening for ovarian cancer in women without symptoms. More...
28 Feb 2018
Image: A new study claims obstetric ultrasound smay be implicated in the increasing prevalance of autism (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock).

Autism May be Linked to Prenatal Ultrasound Exposure

The dramatic increase in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) incidence may be linked to adverse effects of ultrasound exposure on the developing fetus, claims a new study. More...
27 Feb 2018
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